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The Tottenham Outrage
The Great Tram Chase
The funeral of PC Tyler, shot during the Tottenham Outrage.

Ray Dudley talks about the Tottenham Outrage

First broadcast on Whipps Cross Hospital Radio 27/9/1997
23rd January 1909: The Tottenham Outrage

Paul Hefeld and Jacob Lepidus (or Lapidus), Latvian Bolshevik refugees, attempted to steal the payroll of a rubber factory in Tottenham, London. They killed two, including a child, and injured 21 others including seven policemen, in a six mile chase which involved the hijacking of a tram. When they were cornered Lepidus committed suicide, Hefeld was shot by the police, dying of meningitis two weeks later. This incident led to a general climate of fear of all left wing political organisations and anarchists.
Part 1 setting the scene
(9 mins 40 secs)
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Part 2 carry on with the chase
(2 mins 35 secs)
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Part 3 dissidents/anarchists
(8 mins 47 secs)
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Part 4 Reconstruction by Walthamstow and District Tape Recording Society
(From 1966)
Featuring Chas Owen, Derek Henson, Tom Tomlinson, Noel Britain & Ted Cheeseman
(16 mins 38 secs)
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Part 5 Conclusion
(1 min 8 secs)
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