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Funny old World Private Eye, 8 February- 21 February, 2002
1943 air crash We'll Meet Again, BBC online service
Julian Brind retires Harpers the wine and spirit weekly 2002
Cubs seek ex-members St Albans & Harpenden ReviewApril 25, 2002

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"We don't want to interfere in the Parsi religion,"Jangoo Gagrat told a meeting of the Disposal of the Dead with Dignity Action Group in Bombay, "but Parsis have to face facts. The population of the Indian vulture has declined drastically over the past few decades, and nowadays the Towers of Silence are full of decaying corpses, most of them barely eaten. And that clearly constitutes a major public health hazard."

But speaking on behalf of Bombay's 55,000 Parsis, high priest Dastur Nadershah Unvalla refused to consider other forms of disposal. "The scriptures say it is a heinous sin to bury or cremate the dead. Ever since the eighth century, we have been disposing of our dead by placing them atop one of our Towers of Silence, and letting the vultures strip the bones bare. It's true that Parsis in Europe and America bury their dead but that's a disgrace. They are not following the true teachings of Zoroaster, and I look down upon them."

However, Gagrat's action group is agitating for a change in Indian law. "The government seems unaware that the city's biggest collection of biomedical waste comes from these towers, because eventually even the Parsi priests cannot stand the stench of rotting flesh, and ask the authorities to take away the putrefying remains in specially blessed plastic wheelybins. Other religions have had to modify their ancient funeral rites, in response to urbanisation. Hindus, for example, are often prosecuted for throwing half burnt corpses into the river. At present, the Parsis are legally exempt, but they really have to make a decision soon. Either accept some form of cremation, or else start breeding vultures."

(Borneo Bulletin, 8/12/01. Spotter: Jonathan Brind)

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T White

Halifax Crash - do you know crew member Robert Charles Rosam? Looking for anyone who knows whereabouts of family or friends of crew member Robert Charles Rosam. My uncle George Brind, and all crew were killed when the plane crashed shortly after take off from Gibraltar on 28th January,1943. Airmen are all buried at Ceuta (Spanish Morocco). Researcher from Ceuta is studying the lives of these young men but cannot trace anyone who can help with information about Robert Rosam. Can you help? Also...

Were you with the R.A.F. at ITW Bridlington between July 25th and September 12th 1942? You might be one of those in photos taken while my uncle, George Brind, was there. He died in an air crash in January,1943 and I have lots of his photos and would like to learn more about him and his comrades. Can you help?

Not dated entry from the archive of the BBC's We'll Meet Again. Seen in April 2002.
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By Charlotte Hey

Julian Brind MW, Waitrose's director of buying for wines, spirits and tobacco, retires in June after 19 years with the supermarket. He will be succeeded by Derek Strange, who is currently responsible for buying beer, spirits and tobacco.

Strange joined the Waitrose wine department in 1984 and took over his current position four years ago. Beers, spirits and tobacco combined account for around half the turnover of the department.

'It is my intention to maintain the high standards we have on the wine side by supporting [MWs] Dee Blackstock and Simon Thorpe, and Nick Room,' said Strange. Brind will continue with Waitrose on a consultancy basis, to 'give the department the continuity derived from having worked with Julian for the past 18 years,' said Strange.

Harpers the wine and spirit weekly: dated but presumably some time in 2002.

NOTE from Jonathan Brind: MW, I think, stands for Master of Wine.
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Cubs seek ex-members

Were you a cub at 4th Harpenden Kinvig Pack? This month the pack celebrates its 10th birthday. We would like to get as many ex-cubs to join us on our birthday, especially the very first eight cubs that started the pack going again. They would now be 18 and possibly in the 6th form at the local schools. If you would like to meet up with old friends, get in contact. Spread the news amongst your friends if you are still in contact with them. Call Elaine on 01582 462034.

Elaine Brind, Cub Scout Leader, 4th Harpenden Scout Group, Lower Luton Road, Harpenden.

St Albans & Harpenden Review, Wednesday April 25, 2002

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