Monday February 10, 2020
Why spooks haunt me
When I told my friends that I was being harassed by the secret services, they adopted benign expressions. Clearly they believed I was paranoid. Friend after friend told me you are not important enough to be a target.

Of course, they were right.

I was not important enough but Katy Andrews, with whom I lived two decades ago, certainly was. I got to be in the firing line by association with Katy.

I discovered this when I went to see a documentary made by Lucy Parker and City Projects called Solidarity. It is about the blacklisting of construction workers first by the Economic League and subsequently by the Consulting Association.

The documentary reveals close connections between the police and the security services and the blacklisters. It concentrates on the trade unionists who were time after time turned down when they were applying for jobs. They knew something was wrong and had clamoured for action.

But the unionists were not the only target for the Economic League and the Consulting Association. They also had a list of what they described as 'environmentalists'. This list was burnt and all we now know is that there were about 200 names on it.

There is little doubt that the hard core construction industry interests who supported the blacklisters would not have been interested in people who collected information about butterflies or tried to save the village green. What they were almost certainly after was road protestors, who had been much in the news thanks to a number of high profile anti road building campaigns.

Katy Andrews, now deceased, was a Donga, an anti road group that called itself a tribe. If the Consulting Association did not list her amongst its 200 'environmentalists' it was not doing a very good job.

All this is not a little humiliating for me. I thought the spooks were after me, but it turns out I was in the firing line simply because I was connected to Katy.

But it amounts to the same thing. I now know why the spooks have set out to make my life a misery. What I don't know is what I can do about it.

In October 2013 the Independent Police Complaints Commission said the police had colluded in the construction industry blacklist. The IPCC said it was likely that all police special branches were involved in providing information to the Consulting Association.

A public inquiry into undercover policing is to start hearings in June. Unfortunately, it won't cover the road protestors, partly because the Consulting Association burnt the list and partly because its remit is only to consider the actions of conventional police officers, not spooks.

Sources include: Blacklisted: The Secret War Between Big Business & Union Activists
Katy Andrews playing the phoney fortune teller.
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Posted by Jonathan Brind.
Monday February 10, 2020