Wednesday January 1, 2020
20 20 vision
At the beginning of this century it was all the rage to have a 20 20 vision. 20 20 being the way some opticians apparently describe perfect sight, this seemed like a catchy slogan, a target people would buy into.

As we enter 2020 I think we should have a 20 20 audit, just how did all those slogans actually turn out? Many got stuck and forgotten about. Some simply ran out of steam as we all moved on. One I think about is the various environmental targets espoused at one time or another. Science and technology has achieved much but despite all the windmills, the roofs covered in solar panels, the mining villages destroyed, and the posh conferences and resolutions; the world is now producing more CO2 than ever before. Happy new year.
Posted by Jonathan Brind.
wednesday January 1, 2020