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What foxes Olympics!
Apparently fishing having been declared too boring for the Olympics, fox hunting enthusiasts have decided to pitch for a slot at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.
The country does have foxes (Kitsune) but they are said to have semi mystical properties so chasing them with a pack of hounds is thought to be culturally inappropriate.
Instead, Japanese technology has enabled the development of a mechanical fox, who once correctly scented will lead the hounds a merry dance across a pre-determined course.
In this way the various nations taking part will be able to compete on a level playing field. One interesting aspect is that the various nations will all have different coloured coats: some blue, orange, yellow and in fact anything but red, which is felt to be too redolent of the bad old days of animal cruelty represented by traditional fox hunting.
However, one competitor, from a Scandinavian country, has been outlawed. They believe that the sport is not only cruel to foxes but also to horses and so use shanks's pony. That was a step too far for the traditionalists at the Olympics.
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Posted by Jonathan Brind.
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