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My cat can tell the time!

I have scientific proof that my cat, Charlie, can tell the time. He knows that it is his feeding time at about 6pm and every day at about that time he seeks attention, by doing charming things like tripping me up.

What's remarkable about that? Nothing really, except when the clocks change. On Sunday they went back an hour. Summer time and the living is easy, as the song says. Well maybe!

Anyway, to get back to the plot: you'd imagine that Charlie would wait until 7pm before starting the kamikaze cat routine. After all, the Government didn't bother to notify cats about the time change. But nothing doing: Charlie is up to his usual range of tricks bang on time.
How does he know? Ironically, he adapts to the new time quicker than I do (I find it tough to get up at a reasonable time in the morning on the first week of summer time, as opposed to summertime, because, of course, British Summer Time starts in spring. Genuine summertime is a long way off. I hope you are getting this, I may ask questions!.

Since he adapts quicker than I do, he can't be taking his cues from me. And as a house cat (he has cat aids, so he's not supposed to go out), he only meets me.

Proof, I believe that he reads the clock! Now if only I could teach him how to use a keyboard....
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