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A new genre

It is difficult to create a new genre: but a feminist film about bullfighting probably qualifies. She Is The Bullfighter (Gemma Cubero del Barrio, Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Talcual Films) is a strange, rough and ready sort of film. The type of film where you feel they deliberately put dirt on the lens to give that all action feel. But there are a few highly memorable images, notably highly grainy film of a naked woman bullfighting.

It's an odd film because it asks an interesting question (why can't women be top level Matadors in Spain?) and then answers the question quite convincingly (because many of the audience like to see dishy blokes risking their lives and flaunting their masculinity). It's a bit like asking why can't men be strippers at some of the more fashionable gentlemen's clubs. OK they can do hen nights, but they never really make the big time, do they? Someone will probably make a film about that now!

Strangely there was an interesting film to be made. In Latin America, apparently, women Matadors are accepted. Why? What's the difference?

But for myself I'd be quite pleased if no woman ever made it as a matador. In fact I'd be quite pleased if Bullfighting, a barbaric practice, came to an end. Call me a male chauvinist, if you like!
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