Bakers Arms Pub
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Several people have asked what's happened to the ornate picture of a baker in tiles on the wall at the former Bakers Arms pub, currently being transformed into a Paddy Power bookies. It seems to be still there and in good condition on Friday January 29, 2010.

The former Bakers Arms Pub (on the corner of Hoe St and Lea Bridge Road) has had an unhappy history in recent years.

On Jan 21, 2010, a number of men were attempting to prevent passers by from walking across the pavement outside the pub. This is a very stupid and dangerous thing to do because the remaining footway in Hoe Street is very narrow and can become extremely crowded.

Should any pedestrian be killed in a road accident it is extremely likely that any company who allowed the long standing right of way (it has been a right away for at least 40 years) to be blocked, would be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter.

Fortunately the group gave up when passers by complained and threatened to call the police. But they may try again.

The old pub is due to become a bookies, but the area already has more than enough bookies. Does Paddy Power, the bookie concerned, know about what is being done?
The Bakers Arms
575 Lea Bridge Road,
Paddy Power Bookmaker
Crowne House,
56-58 Southwark Street
CDM Coordinator
Piercehill Project Services Ltd
Tubs Hill House South
London Road
Kent TN13 1BL
01732 471288

(NOTE: CDM stands for Construction (Design & Management) Regulations

While the building work was going on a street sale was also taking place. How clever of the builders to obtain a street selling licence! They did obtain a licence, didn't they?

Sign in the door at the Bakers Arms. (21/Jan/2010)