Hoe Street shop fronts
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There has long been a tradition of traders putting a few wares outside their shops. In some cases (though not all) they own the land. Fewer have the equally necessary planning permission to use the area for this purpose. In the last few months this has got completely out of hand, with a wild west style land grab going on, as if the council had no interest in preserving rights of way, highway safety or planning policy. Ironically, the whole area is patrolled by a council cctv system! Perhaps they are too busy chasing motorists with their mobile cctv units?

Years ago some traders usually opened from 9-5. Now many shops are open 16 hours a day or more. If the goods are ever removed no-one is around to see it. Some have become permanent structures and clearly require planning permission. If motor dealers can be forced to apply for planning permission to work on vehicles parked in the road, surely these traders should be required to do the same thing?
NEWS: Waltham Forest Council's head of enforcement Gareth Jones has referred a number of the businesses mentioned on this web page to the planning enforcement section for investigation. Traders around the Bakers Arms who are using their forecourts illegitimately will also be visited to remind them of what they are allowed to do. (25/Jan/2010)
The Turkish supermarket pictured above in Hoe Street close to the Bakers Arms, opened in January 2010. Prior to that the Islamic/phone shop never put anything on the pavement outside the shop front. (22/Jan/2010)
Next door there is another Turkish supermarket (pictured above). It has been around longer, but there didn't use to be so much clutter outside the shop. (22/Jan/2010)
A little further up Hoe Street is a newish (2009) general store (pictured above). Few mind the odd shop like this but it is becoming the rule to expand into the pavement. (22/Jan/2010)
This Polish shop and off licence a little further up Hoe St (another new entrant from 2009) is the most extraordinary of all. It has orange roller shutters across the pavement. No-one minds an awning, but this is ridiculous. The council used to have a policy against roller shutters because they deaden shopping areas and give a down beat image. Whatever happened to that? (22/Jan/2010)